Sexual Problems And Depression

Sexual problems and depression often go hand in hand because sex is such a natural part of human life. Sex drive basically starts from brain and runs down, until it reaches endorphins in the bloodstream. It then starts again from the same place. Sexual problems and depression often go hand in hand because sex is such a natural part of human life.

Depression affects sex life as a result of many reasons. Depression actually affects your sex life to a great extent, causing you not to enjoy your sexual function at all and to be distracted sexually from the actual act. Depression also affects your brain chemistry so that your brain transmits negative thoughts, which makes you not enjoy your sex life. It begins with chemicals in the brain, which then communicate between your body and sexual organs.

Antidepressants are one of the effective drugs to treat sexual dysfunction and sexual problems. However, they tend to disturb your natural chemical balance and give you negative feelings, which prevents you from enjoying your sexual response. If you are taking prescribed antidepressants, it is better for you to see your physician regularly so that you can keep a check on your intake. Antidepressants might also lead to various sexual side effects like impotency or change in libido, which can be very dangerous for a married couple.

Low self-esteem or lack of confidence in yourself can also lead to low self-esteem in your relationship. It becomes difficult for you to get aroused or excited sexually. So, you might lose interest in sex altogether and find it difficult to perform properly. Low self-esteem also affects your libido. When you have low self-esteem, your penis is unable to attain an erection and remain hard at all times. In case of erectile dysfunction or poor performance, you tend to lose interest in sex all the time and find it difficult to maintain your interest.

There are several drugs available in the market which can cure erectile dysfunction or ED. However, they have numerous side effects like headache, jitters, anxiety, nervousness, and memory loss. Some of the common health treatment for erectile dysfunction include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and VigRx. These drugs work by increasing blood flow to the penis area and thereby helping you achieve better erections and stay hard.

Besides treatment, there are many people who also try many ways to improve their sex drive. One of the most commonly used methods is exercising. Exercise regularly and eat healthy food. You should try and maintain a healthy diet that includes a lot of vegetables and fruits. Sex drive increases when you feel happy and relaxed. Therefore you should try and look for health information on improving your sex drive.



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