What is a Good Age to Get Pregnant?

We live in the era of women empowerment. Modern women have significant control over their family planning and fertility choices. Thanks to the variety of readily available reproductive technologies, women and their partners can now choose when to have a baby without pressure.

To determine the right age for you to get pregnant, you need to understand how the fertility of females change over time. Here’s a breakdown of common fertility changes that you should note when having trouble deciding on the right time to get pregnant.


In her twenties, a woman has the greatest chances of getting pregnant. During this time, she is very fertile and has the most number of quality eggs for conception. If you get pregnant in your 20s, there is a higher chance that you will have fewer risks and deliver a healthy baby. Most men and women in their 20s opt to avoid pregnancy and focus on building their careers and finances. However, this is the right time to think about reproductive expectations.


When a woman celebrates her 30th birthday, her fertility starts to take a downward curve. In fact, the decline gets more significant when she hits 35. Reproductive health experts say that a woman in her 30s is likely to experience pregnancy or delivery complications. Sometimes, you may even undergo screening for both you and the baby to make sure that things go right.


As a woman reaches 40 years of age, there are concerns that she might not get pregnant. While there are a few cases of women that have conceived in their 40s, it is a very rare feat. After attaining 35 years, the chances of a woman getting pregnant decline drastically as she ages. Actually, some studies suggest that women have only a 5% chance of getting pregnant after turning 40.

Male Fertility

While male fertility declines as he ages, it does not happen early like in women. Most men start to experience lower fertility and sexual functions after attaining 60 years. This does not mean that men that are aged 60 years and above can’t impregnate women. However, it is not easy.

So, what is a good time to get pregnant? Generally, it is up to you to choose when to get pregnant but base your decision on these facts. Children come with additional responsibilities. It’s therefore advisable that you take your time and get pregnant when certain that you are ready to handle the pressure that comes with childcare.



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